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If you sit on a table is it technically a chair? Either way we have both.
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Walkies, super fast internet machines, and [coming soon] teleporters. Go for Rogue.
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Bonded internet uses magical science stuff to combine multiple cellular signals into one ginormous internet stream beaming up to the heavens. It provides us all with peace of mind, so we can grab a coffee from crafty without interruption.

No more worrying about a client who can’t watch the YouTubes from village.

Our system requires no on-set technician. Our techs at Rogue HQ can help determine which carrier (or carriers) will provide the best service in any given location and can adjust remotely.

Hit us up! …that is, if you have service.

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Remember when that pandemic hit the universe and our friends and colleagues were out of work? What a time to be alive!

Early on Rogue Shield was formed to help aid in getting the film industry back up and running. Since that time we’ve been honored to help write guidelines for companies and labor unions, consult with ad agencies, live event venues, and other businesses outside the entertainment industry.

Our team has processed thousands of tests, managed COVID compliance for hundreds of shoot days, and solved production crises arising from the ‘RONA virus.

We provide everything – “soup to nuts” – related to COVID safety and management. We’d be honored to be a part of your team as well.

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  • We’ll work with companies from bidding to wrap to help keep everyone safe.
  • Scale up or down for various production sizes.
  • Everything you need from one company on one line number.

COVID-19 Testing

  • Scheduling
  • Administering
  • Turnaround times within 6-72 Hours

Set Management

  • All COVID Compliance Officers Certified by John Hopkins University
  • COVID Questionnaire Management
  • Crew Temperature Check-ins
  • PPE Distribution
  • Hand Washing Stations
  • Disinfecting High Traffic Areas
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CALL or TEXT (818) 741-1314

RogueWave Headquarters
2152 N. Lincoln Street
Burbank CA 91504

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